What To See in Labuan Bajo

Favourite destination:What To See in Labuan Bajo, a laid back harbour town on Flores island, which is blessed with pristine water, gorgeous white- and pink sand beaches and idyllic mountaintop views that offer beautiful sunsets. There are many things to do and expertise at Labuan Bajo – from hikes and fantastic pitches to wealthy cultural experiences. Folks travel to Labuan Bajo is mainly for 2 things: diving and also to see the Komodo dragons. The Komodo dragon is the world’s largest lizard – it grows up to 3m in length and may weigh over 70kg. Komodo National park is the only place in the planet where they’re found in the wild – mainly in Komodo and Rinca islands.

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Herethey search indigenous deer and buffalo. They’re extremely dangerous as they’re strong predators and may be very vicious, so travelers should visit the islands with a manual. Tours may be easily ordered on arrival at Labuan Bajo and will change in cost, based on the route, the size of the tour and kind of boat. A day visit to Rinca, which can be smaller compared to Komodo island however closer to Labuan Bajo, is the popular option. With the park entrance fee, camera permit, direct fee, snorkelling fee and lunch, the tours start at around 500, 000 rupiah a person.

It’s well worth spending some time snorkelling or diving at the playground, that has one of the richest and most pristine marine environments in the world. Its coral reefs and mangroves are home to over 1, 000 species of fish, a huge number of corals and sponges, sharks, dugongs, manta rays, whales, dolphins and sea turtles. Manta Point is a popular dive and snorkelling site in the playground. The reefs are only two to 9m deep here, however you are still able to see birds, turtles, giant clams and unique kinds of rays, including giant manta rays. It’s one of their favourite spots.

Komodo’s scenic islands are also popular for hiking, with jagged hilltops that lend magnificent views of the surrounding islands. You may get the most beautiful views of Komodo National Park and its beaches while climbing to the top of the hill on Padar island. The moderate increase takes about forty minutes to get at the top, from where you’ll get a breathtaking view of Labuan Bajo, 3 crescent beaches and freckles of offshore islands. Getting to Komodo island is a little more strenuous because it’s further away and may take 11/2 to 4 hours each way, based on the boat.

However, if you’re going, be sure to stop at Pink Beach, or Pantai Merah, that is distinctive for its dark pink sand that’s created naturally from a microscopic animal that lives on nearby coral reefs and turns them into pink. There are a couple pink beaches on islands at the playground, however this one is the best and is a surreal place to see the sunset.